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Assessments - Design - Drawings - Field Review


Emergency Engineering

If there are concerns of a structural failure, or if one occurs, we review the structure and the loading conditions to determine if emergency shoring is necessary.  We then provide recommendations for repairs.

Light Gauge Steel Stud Design

Whether you're a Contractor building a garage, a condo, a commercial tower, or even working on tenant improvements, we can design, prepare shop drawings, and review the construction of your light gauge steel stud project.

Steel Stud Framing

Post-Tension System Reviews

We perform regular reviews of concrete structural slabs which have been constructed with the use of embedded post-tension tendons.  These high strength steel tendons can be subject to moisture ingress which can corrode the steel, ultimately leading to failure of the tendon and a reduced capacity of the structural slab.  Following our review, we provide recommendations for further monitoring or repairs.

Decay and Deterioration Assessments

When decay, corrosion, or other forms of deterioration affect the capacity of structural systems (timber, concrete, steel, masonry, etc.) in houses, townhouses, condo towers, or commercial or industrial buildings, we review the situation and provide recommendations to restore the structure to its intended capacity.

19091 - #2.JPG

Roof Anchor Review and Repair

When an update, or assessment of the coverage on, an existing roof level safety anchor system is required, or if new anchors are proposed, we can perform the required design, analysis, and/or review to bring your roof anchor system up to current standards.

Foundation Assessment and Repair

If there are concerns about foundation heave or settlement, we can perform a review of the foundation system to ascertain the nature of the movement, and provide recommendations for stabilization and/or lifting.


Impact, Fire, Flood Assessments

There are times when a building undergoes accidental damage, whether by vehicular or equipment impact, fire, or flood.  Once involved, we perform a review of the structural systems in the affected areas to determine if emergency shoring is necessary, and then provide recommendations for repair.

Aluminum and Glass Framing Design

From small punched windows to large storefront frames, and from canopies to glass guards, our firm acts as a Specialty Engineer for aluminum framing, glazing, and connection components.  If you are a Contractor looking for an engineer to design and/or review your shop drawings, this is one of our many areas of service.

Failed Membrane

Other Services

Some of our other services include:

  • Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Opinions for the purposes of arbitration or litigation

  • Performance of Building Exterior Visual Assessments (BEVA)

  • Structural Pre-Purchase Reviews

  • Pre-Construction Assessments 

  • Waterproof Membrane Assessments

  • Micropile Design for Houses, Utilities, Bridges, etc.

  • Falsework and Shoring Design

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